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    Winchendon School ::: Winchendon, Massachusetts ::: Northeast U.S.

    Winchendon School, Winchendon, Massachusetts


    • Winchendon's 238-acre campus includes an 18 hole golf course and is 65 miles (104 km) from Boston and 150 miles (241 km) from New York City.
    • 250 students; 45% international; average class size 7 students; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    • Innovative Programs such as Global Dynamics Program and ColLabs.
    • 99% university placements including Boston University, Yale University among others
    • ESL program




    4 seasons, snow in winter

    Student Body

    250 students (grades 9-12); 45%  international students

    Average Class Size

    7 students


    31 faculty; 40% with advanced degrees; 26 staff and faculty reside on campus

    Student/Faculty Ratio


    College Placement

    99% university placement including Boston University, Michigan State University, Occidental College, University of California - Los Angeles, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Pepperdine University among others.

    Honors & AP

    Advanced Placement: Calculus AB & BC, Chinese Language & Culdture, Comparative Govenment & Politics, Computer Science A, English Literature & Composition, Environmental Science, European History, French Language & Composition, Latin, Psychology, Spanish Language & Culture, Statistics, US Government & Politics, US History

    Special Programs

    Global Dynamics Program, a ground-breaking interdisciplinary course that develops a perspective on a variety of global issues.

    ColLabs - Collaborative Laboratory - working together to solve problems in a real world content for a 4 weeks/year.

    Marking System

    There are 3 marking periods. Each family is given a password to access their student's grades and weekly progress reports.

    Programs of Study

    The minimum graduation requirement for grades 9 through 12 are as follows:

    English - 4 credits
    Religion - 4 credits
    Social Studies - 3 credits
    Science - 3 credits
    Mathematics - 3 credits
    Speech/Fine Arts - 1 credit
    Physical Education - 1 credit
    Electives - 6 credits
    Community service required

    World Languages offered: American Sign Language,Ancient Greek, Chinese, French, Latin, Spanish

    SAT Scores: Average SAT score = 1620


    The Winchendon School is accredited by the  New England Association of Schools and Colleges.


    Fall Sports: 
      Boys: Soccer
      Girls: Soccer, Volleyball
      Co-ed: Cross Country

    Winter Sports:
      Boys: Basketball, Ice Hockey
      Girls: Basketball, Ice Hockey

    Spring Sports:
      Boys: Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis
      Girls: Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis

    Additional sports activities offered at various times throughout the year include: Horseback riding, Aerobics, Snowboarding, Skiing, Karate, Golf, Triathalon training, among others. 


    Fine Arts including portfolio art, ceramics, sculpture and fashion design

    Performing Arts including musical theater, vocal ensemble, jazz band, string ensemble, digital compositon/music lab and private instrumental lessions; special offering in journalism

    Extracurricular Activities

    Examples of organized weekend activities include Red Sox baseball games, trips to Hockey games, bowling competitions, ping-pong, karaoke, movies, ultimate Frisbee tournaments, golf, mountain biking, ice skating, hiking, indoor soccer among others.

    Campus features:

    Main academic facilities include four buildings with state-of-the art classrooms, science labs and library, and two arts buildings.  a new academic building houses 10 classrooms and the dining hall.  The campus also includes a gymnasium, school store, infirmary, and administrative offices as well as seven dormitories and several large residences for faculty. Athletic fields, indoor turf field, golf course, tennis courts and an Olympic size skating rink and swimming pool are also available.


    Comprehensive programs that include all levels of Reading & Writing, Speaking & Listening as well as two transitonal classes. Courses in US History, World History in a ESL format are provided for international students.