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    Squaw Valley Academy ::: Olympic Valley, California ::: West U.S.

    Squaw Valley Academy, Olympic Valley, California


    • Located in a safe area with crystal-clean air at an altitude of 6,200ft/2,000m, 45 miles from Reno, Nevada; five miles from Lake Tahoe at the foot of the Squaw Valley Ski Area & Resort, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics
    • 90 students; 60% international; average class size 8 students; student/faculty ratio 8:1
    • Coeducational boarding school with no religious affiliation
    • Location provides for a year-long Outdoor Adventure Program
    • During winter months time is provided each day for students to ski or snowboard at former site of Olympic Games
    • university placements include Michigan State University, University of California - Irvine, among others
    • ESL Program





    Alpine climate with 300 days of sunshine per year

    Student Body

    90 students (grades 9-12); 60% International

    Average Class Size

    8 students


    12 faculty; 90% with advanced degrees

    Student/Faculty Ratio


    College Placement

    100% university placements include Michigan State University, State University of New York-Stonybrook, University of California - Irvine, University of California - Santa Cruz, University of San Francisco

    Honors & AP

    Advanced Placement: Biology, Calculus AB & BC, Chemistry, Chinese Language & Culture, English Language & Composition, English Literature & Composition, European History, Japanese Language & Culture, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Physics 1, Physics 2, Physics C, Spanish Language & Culture, Studio Art, US Government & Politics, US History, World History

    Honors: Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English I, II, III, IV, Geometry, Physics, Pre-calculus, Spanish, US History, World History

    Special Programs

    Winter program: During the winter months, the academic schedule provides time each day for students to ski or snowboard at Squaw Valley USA, 2 miles from campus. Developmental ski and snowboard classes, from the novice to the advanced level, are offered. Advanced athletes may train and compete with the Squaw Valley USA Ski Team.

    All students participate in the school's Outdoor Adventure Program. Students learn leadership, team building, and outdoor skills and experience personal growth through such diverse endeavors as backpacking, rafting, kayaking, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, flyfishing and other activities.

    Marking System

    Squaw Valley utilizes the standard grading system: A=90-100; B=80-89; C=70-79; D=60-69; F=0-59.  Grades are issued four times a year, at the middle and end of each semester.

    Programs of Study

    The minimum graduation requirements for grades 9 through 12 are as follows:

    English - 4 years
    Mathematics - 3 years
      (through Algebra II, Geometry)
    Science - 3 years
      (Laboratory sciences)
    Foreign Language - 3 years
    Social Studies/History - 3 years
      (World History, US History, US Government & Economics)
    Physical Education - 4 years
    Art or Music - 1 year

    Five credits are earned for each semester of successfully completed work in each subject.

    Community Service - 15 hours per year - In order for students to ear their Squaw Valley Ski pass, they must complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service.

    Foreign Languages offered: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish

    SAT/ACT Scores: Average SAT score = 1650; Average ACT score = 25 


    Squaw Valley is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, AdvancED and the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA)


    Squaw Valley offers conventional team sports, however emphasis is more on individual activities.  With an Olympic-level ski resort minutes away from campus, SVA students can ski or snowboard 7 days per week in the winter months.  

    Fall Sports: Soccer, golf, tennis

    Recreational: rock climbing, tennis, mountain biking, golf, fishing, fly-fishing, hiking, skateboarding, swimming, weightlifting.

    Winter Sports: basketball, ice hockey (boys); Ski Team (downhill and gate training), Freestyle Team (competition levels of Freestyle skiing), Snowboard Team (racing and freestyle)

    Recreational: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating

    Spring Sports: baseball, golf, tennis

    Recreational: beach volleyball, tennis, fly-fishing, lake kayaking, river rafting, rock climbing, soccer, tennis, golf, swimming.


    Studio Arts, Ceramics, Jewelry Design, Music Performance, Music Recording, Photography

    Extracurricular Activities

    Activities and Clubs:  Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding, Backpacking Club, Badminton, Basketball Club, Camping Club, Ceramics Club, Chess Club, Community Service, Fishing Club, Free-style Skiing & Snowboarding, Golf Club, Hiking Club, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Jazz Club, Kayaking, Mountain Biking


    Academic building, Art studio, Dining hall, Lake Tahoe, Music room, Recreation room, 2 Residence halls, Science labs, Squaw Valley Ski Resort facilities, 2 Soccer pitches, Tennis courts


    Squaw Valley Academy is an international school and offers an individualized academic program for students. Classes are determined according to each student's English language abilities.