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    High Schools are the ideal route for younger international students to prepare for admission into a top American university.  Students will sharpen language, writing and critical thinking skills and are guaranteed to fulfill all university entrance requirements.

    Boarding Schools

    Allen Academy ::: Bryan, Texas ::: West U.S.

    Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas


    • Bryan/College Station is home to Texas A&M University, with Houston, Austin and San Antonio within a few hours' drive
    • 79 students in Upper School; 20% international; average class size 15; student/faculty ratio 14:1
    • Founded in 1886 as a preparatory school for Texas A&M University
    • 13 AP courses available; 40 hour community service requirement
    • 100% university placement to variety of universities including Baylor University, Boston University, Georgia Tech, Michigan State University, New York University, Penn State University, Purdue University,  Texas A& M University, West Point Military Academy
    Calverton School ::: Huntington, Maryland ::: Southeast U.S.

    The Calverton School

    • Located approximately 45 minutes east of Washington D.C. and 30 minutes south of Annapolis, Maryland
    • 160 students; average class size 18 students; student/faculty ration 10:1
    • Comprehensive AP and Honors courses
    • Senior Internship required for graduation
    • Excellent university placements including Boston University, Brown University, Georgetown University, John Hopkins University to name a few.
    • ESL available
    Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School ::: Waltham, Massachusetts ::: Northeast U.S.

    Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, Waltham, Massachusetts  

    • Attractive suburban campus conveniently located 30 minutes from downtown Boston
    • 165 students; 29% international; average class size 10 students; student faculty ratio 5:1
    •  Special support group for international students; strong programs in the visual arts
    •  Advanced Placement, Honors and Advanced courses are offered
    • 95% university placement at universities such as Brandeis University, Brown University, Art Institute of Chicago, University of Michican among others
    • ESL is available
    Cotter Schools ::: Winona, Minnesota ::: Midwest U.S.

    Cotter School, Winona, Minnesota


    • Winona is an international learning community located on the banks of the Mississippi River; St. Mary's University is nearby
    •  365 students; 28% international; average class size 18 students; student/faculty ratio 15:1
    • Advanced Placement and Honors courses available
    • Comprehensive Athletics, Visual and Performing Arts Programs
    • ESL Program 
    Cranbrook School ::: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan ::: Midwest U.S.

    Cranbrook Schools, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


    • Located 1/2 hour from Detroit, Cranbrook's beautiful campus is known as one of the masterpieces of American architecture
    • 799 upper school students; average class size 16 students; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    • Highly competitive for admission with demanding curriculum
    • 14 AP courses and superb facilities offer many opportunities for creative expression
    • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program
    Darrow School ::: New Lebanon, New York ::: Northeast U.S.

    Darrow School, New Lebanon, New York 

    • Located equidistant from Boston and New York in a Berkshire Mountain setting of unparalleled beauty, Darrow School occupies the site of an original Shaker Village that has been designated a National Historic Landmark
    • 110 students; 25% international; average class size 9 students; student/faculty ratio 4:1
    • Nearby ski resort - the largest in Massachusetts - allows for skiing or snowboarding throughout the winter months
    • Unique Tutorial Programs and extraordinary Special Programs in Sustainability and Hands to Work
    • ESOL courses in Language Arts, Science and American culture
    Fork Union Military Academy ::: Fork Union, Virginia ::: Southeast U.S.
    • Fork Union Military Academy is located within the small village of Fork Union in Central Virginia.

    • Boys only, approximately 475 students in grades 6-12 and approximately 10% international students, 15 students per class and 10:1 student to faculty ratio

    • The 1,000 acre campus provides students with wide open spaces for orienteering and other outdoor activities.

    • Fork Union is the only school to offer The One Subject Plan which is a unique and highly successful  program which immerses the student completely in one subject at a time.

    • Virtually all graduates of Fork Union Military Academy gain acceptance to a college or university of their choice.

    Foxcroft Academy ::: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine ::: Northeast U.S.

    Foxcroft Academy, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


    • Established in 1823, Foxcroft Academy is one of the oldest private schools in America 
    • 470 students; 23% international; average class size 15 students; student/faculty ratio 10:1
    • Outstanding math, science and foreign language programs
    • Extensive academic offerings include 21 AP courses and 32 Honors courses
    •  98% of students continue to post-secondary education; recent graduates have attended Boston College, New York University, Cornell University, George Washington University, Harvard University, McGill University, Tufts University, Vanderbilt University among others


    George Stevens Academy ::: Blue Hill, Maine ::: Northeast U.S.

    George Stevens Academy

    • The Academy offers more than 40 extracurricular activities and programs, including an all school Arts Festival, award winning Jazz program and state championship Tennis team
    • 330 students grades 9-12, 14% international
    • Average class size is 15 students, student/faculty ratio is 10:1
    • Extensive curriculum includes AP and honors courses, environmental and marine science, programs in the arts and industrial technology and three foreign languages.
    • ESL I, II and III  are offered
    Justin-Siena High School ::: Napa, California ::: West U.S.

    Justin-Siena High School, Napa, California


    •  Located on 37 acres in a small city at the heart of California's famous Napa Valley.
    •  632 students (135 seniors) in grades 9 - 12; average class size 24 students; student/faculty ratio 13:1
    • 13 Honors courses and 8 Advanced Placement offerings.
    •  For the class of 2010, average GPA 3.45 and average SAT 1632
    •  Some ESL support available
    Knox School ::: St. James, New York ::: Northeast U.S.

    The Knox School, St. James, New York


    • Picturesque location on Stony Brook Harbor, 11/2 hours from New York City
    • 130 students; 50% international; average class size 10 students; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    •  Traditional athletic programs supplemented by equestrian sports and crew
    • Individualized, small group instruction promotes success; AP courses in six subject areas
    •  99% university placement includes Boston University, George Washington University, Harvard University, Pepperdine University, Rochester Institute of Technology


    La Lumiere School ::: La Porte, Indiana ::: Midwest U.S.
    • La Lumiere School is stituated on a beautiful rural estate in northwest Indiana.  At the center of its 145 rolling acres is a picturesque country lake.

    • 210 students, 75 boarding students, 11% international students, 12 students per class, 8:1 student to faculty ratio.

    • An innovative cross curricular writing program, competitive science and math departments and an award winning art department combine to provide an outstanding academic environment with emphasis on the individual learner

    • 100% college placement for La Lumiere graduates.

    Lawrence Academy ::: Groton, Massachusetts ::: Northeast U.S.

    Lawrence Academy, Groton, Massachusetts


    • 118-acre campus in lovely New England village located 35 miles northwest of Boston
    • 395 students; 55 international; average class size 8-16 students; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    •  Highly competitive for admission; rigorous academics, outstanding facilities
    •  AP courses in nine disciplines; Special Programs include a Ninth Grade Program, an intensive Winterim session and an Independent Immersion Program
    •  99% university placements include Boston College, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Chicago Art Institute, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Chicago
    Linden Hall ::: Lititz, Pennsylvania (girls only) ::: Northeast U.S.

    Linden Hall, Lititz, Pennsylvania  (Girls Only)


    • Founded in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest girls' boarding school in the USA
    • Located in a safe and charming village with easy access to Philadelphia, Washington and New York City
    • 250 students; 25% international; average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 5:1; Median SAT Score 2095; AP average passing rate is 4.6
    • Extensive and challenging programs in the fine arts, music and drama; qualified students may take courses at nearby Franklin & Marshall College for academic credit
    • Offering such classes as Russian, forensic science, robotics, astronomy, an arts program that includes music and an excellent equestrian program
    • Linden Hall's philosophy is to custom fit a match between a student and her university.  Some recent "matches" include Boston University, Bryn Mawr College, MIT, New York University, Penn State University, Smith College, UCLA
    Lyndon Institute ::: Lyndon Center, Vermont ::: Northeast U.S.

    Lyndon Institute, Lyndon Center, Vermont


    • Located in a quaint village in an area of Vermont noted for Alpine and Nordic skiing
    • 600 students; 86 international students; average class size 16-18 students; student/faculty ratio 10:1
    • Great boarding facilities with one dorm parent for every seven students
    • College credit courses at nearby Lyndon State College for 12th grade students
    • Recent graduates have attended Boston College, Brown University, Cornell University, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Purdue University


    Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment ::: Fairfield, Iowa ::: Midwest U.S.

    Maharishi School

    • Located on the campus of Maharishi University of Management
    • 215 Students Pre K-12th grade, 95 in upper school, 28 boarding students, 18% international students
    • Separate classrooms and dormitories for girl and boy students
    • Over 95% of graduates are admitted to top colleges and universities including Duke University, Harvard University, Stanford University among others.
    • ESL available
    Maine Central Institute ::: Pittsfield, Maine ::: Northeast U.S.

    Maine Central Institute, Pittsfield, Maine


    • Tree-lined campus located just 35 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in an area that provides many opportunities for outdoor activities
    • 485 students; 140 are boarding students; 24% international; average class size 16 students; student/faculty ratio 12:1
    • Extensive course offerings includes Advanced Placement Preparation
    • Outstanding Bossov Ballet Theatre program provides a unique opportunity for professional ballet training with Andrei Bossov, a world-renowned teacher
    • 90% of students continue to university.  Recent graduates have attended Bates College, Brown University, Colby College, Cornell University, Emerson College, Emory University, George Mason University



    Masters School ::: Dobbs Ferry, New York ::: Northeast U.S.

    The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, New York


    • Located in a historic Hudson River village one hour from New York City, The Masters School is one of the most highly selective schools in the USA
    •  420 students; 14% international; average class size 14 students; student/faculty ratio 8:1
    •  Rigorous curriculum with demanding special projects
    •  Great facilities and exciting extra-curricular activities including frequent excursions to Manhattan
    • 100% outstanding university placements include New York University, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, George Washington University, Brown University, Harvard University, Yale University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania


    Maumee Valley Country Day School ::: Toledo, Ohio ::: Midwest U.S.

    Maumee Valley Country Day School

    • A co-educatinal, independent day and now boarding college preparatory school
    • Located in Toledo Ohio on 75 acres mostly wooded, 45 min. from Detroit Wayne International Airport
    • 190 students (grades 9-12); average class size 12-15; student to Faculty Ratio 10:1
    • ESL Program
    • Honors and AP Classes offered
    • 100% of Maumee Valley graduates attend college
    Maur Hill-Mount Academy ::: Atchison. Kansas ::: Midwest U.S.

    Maur Hill - Mount Academy, Atchison, Kansas


    • Located in a charming, small Midwestern college town on the banks of the magnificent Missouri River
    • With only 200 students and a 9:1 student /faculty ratio, MH-MA offers a highly personalized education in a supportive environment; average class size 17 students
    • Students are expected to complete 20 hours of special service projects each year
    • 98% of graduates attend top colleges and universities including Baylor University, Boston College, Cornell University, Northwestern University, University of Wisconsin


    Mercersburg Academy ::: Mercersburg, Pennsylvania ::: Northeast U.S.

    Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pennsylvania


    • Gorgeous 300 acre campus with magnificent buildings and state-of the art facilities
    • Approx. 440 students; 16% international; average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 5:1
    • Many notable and award-winning alumni including 48 Olympians, seven Rhodes Scholars, one Nobel Laureate
    • Normally offers 35 AP and Honors courses each year
    • 100% university placements include all of the top-ranked US universities
    Missouri Military Academy ::: Mexico, Missouri ::: Midwest U.S.

    Missouri Military Academy

    • Located 2 hours from St. Louis
    • Boys only: 250 students including post graduates
    • Comprehensive Advanced Placement (AP) and Duel Credit Courses offered
    • Excellent university placements include US Air Force Academy, Baylor, Drexel, Emory, Penn State, Purdue, Texas A&M
    • ESL Program: small classes, academically rigorous program based on incoming testing.
    Perkiomen School ::: Pennsburg, Pennsylvania ::: Northeast U.S.

    Perkiomen School, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania 

    • Ideally located in a small community with easy access to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
    • 322 students; 40% International students:  average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    • Outstanding curriculum and noteworthy arts programs - supported by top-flight facilities
    • Honors and AP courses in all academic departments
    • 100% university matriculation rate to institutions such as Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Emory University, Franklin and Marshall College, Purdue University, William and Mary College
    Phelps School ::: Malvern, Pennsylvania ::: Northeast U.S.

    The Phelps School, Malvern, Pennsylvania (Boys Only)


    • Located in a historic, upscale suburban community close to Philadelphia
    • Majority of faculty live on campus and in student dormitories
    • 150 students; 20% international; average class size 7-8; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • Strong focus on character development and dedicated involvement in all aspects of school and community life
    • 100% university acceptance rate including University of Maryland, Drexel University, Oberlin College, Eastman School of Music, Purdue University, Ohio-Wesleyan University
    Pilgrim School ::: Los Angeles, California ::: West U.S.

    Pilgrim School

    • A city school located in Los Angeles with access to the California Science Center, Disney Music Hall, the Los Angeles Zoo and numerous museums and art galleries used as extended classrooms
    • Small classes ensuring extensive personal attention from teachers
    • 160 students (grades 9-12); average class size of 15; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • 100% university placement including Harvard University, Columbia University, Duke University, Stanford University to name a few.
    • ESL available
    Pomfret School ::: Pomfret, Connecticut ::: Northeast U.S.

    Pomfret School , Pomfret , Connecticut


    •  Founded in 1894, Pomfret School sits on a stunningly beautiful 500 acre campus in N.E. Connecticut, one hour from Boston and 3 hours from New York City
    •  356 students; 15% international; average class size 11 students; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • 27 Advanced Placement courses and 12 Honors courses; Independent Study Program and Senior Exhibition Master Program augment a rigorous curriculum.
    •  ESL Not Available
    •  100% university matriculation rate to institutions such as Dartmouth College, Gettysburg College, Middlebury College, Duke University, Princeton University, Yale University, among others.
    Ribet Academy ::: Los Angeles, California ::: West U.S.

    Ribet Academy - Los Angeles, California

    • Located in Los Angeles on a beautiful 9-acre campus
    • 320 students from Pre K to 12th grade; 20% international
    • 16 Advanced Placement courses offered and community service is an important part of character education.
    • 100% of Ribet Academy graduates are accepted to university including UC Berkeley, Stanford, Brown, Columbia and Cornell
    • ESL Program places students in classes best suited to their individual needs
    Solebury School ::: New Hope, Pennsylvania ::: Northeast U.S.

    Solebury School, New Hope, Pennsylvania


    • Charming suburban setting midway between New York City and Philadelphia
    •  220 students; 16% international; average class size 11 students; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • Special March start date for comprehensive ESL program
    • Multiple Honors and AP courses with studies often assisted by the 22 faculty who live on campus
    • 100% of students achieve top university placements such as Brandeis University, Colgate University, Cornell University, Duke University, McGill University, University of Pennsylvania
    Squaw Valley Academy ::: Olympic Valley, California ::: West U.S.

    Squaw Valley Academy, Olympic Valley, California


    • Situated in a superb Alpine setting nearby famous Lake Tahoe, approximately four hours from San Francisco
    • 80 students; 40% international; average class size 9 students; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • Location provides for a year-long Outdoor Adventure Program
    • During winter months time is provided each day for students to ski or snowboard at former site of Olympic Games
    • 100% university placement includes Pepperdine University, UC Berkeley, Notre Dame University, Colorado University, University of Puget Sound among others


    St. Andrew's School ::: Boca Raton, Florida ::: Southeast U.S.

    Saint Andrew's School, Boca Raton, Florida


    • Lovely 78-acre south Florida campus only five miles from the Atlantic coast
    • 580 students; 15% boarding; 12% international; average class size 5-16; student/faculty ratio 9:1
    • Tropical location allows for year-round sports activities including swimming, diving, golf
    • High standards for admission; AP preparation in 22 courses available
    • Top university placements for 99% of students include: American University, Brown University, Brandeis University, Dartmouth College, Harvey Mudd College, Middlebury College, New York University
    St. Johnsbury Academy ::: St. Johnsbury, Vermont ::: Northeast U.S.

    St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury, Vermont


    • Beautiful and safe campus in historic village and within walking distance of movies, cafes, shops and local ski areas
    • 1,000 students; 20% international; average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 8:1
    •  More than 60 organized clubs and activities
    •  21 AP courses, some of the best AP and SAT scores in the country and Senior Capstone Project helps launch students into top universities
    •  In recent years, graduates have attended hundreds of universities including Boston College, Columbia University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Toronto, Yale University


    St. Margaret's School ::: Tappahannock, Virginia ::: Southeast U.S.

    St. Margaret's School

    • All girls independent, college preparatory, boarding school, grades 8-12
    • Located on the banks of the Rappahannock River; 45 miles northeast of Richmond and 100 miles southeast of Washington DC
    • 125 students, 28% international representing 11 countries
    • Average class size is 7 students; student/faculty ratio is 6:1
    • ESL program
    St. Stanislaus College ::: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi ::: Southeast U.S.

    St. Stanislaus College, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi  (Boys Only)


    • School overlooks the Gulf of Mexico 50 miles east of New Orleans
    • Largest boarding school for boys in the USA; excellent, individualized ESL program
    • 370 students; average class size 21 students; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    • Warm climate and excellent facilities allow for a multitude of sports and outdoor activities year round;  students are required to perform community service projects each year, often including Habitat for Humanity
    • SSC students were recently accepted into the following: Harvard University, Princeton University, Notre Dame University, Vanderbilt University, Georgetown University, Duke University, U.S. Naval Academy
    St. Thomas More School ::: Oakdale, Connecticut ::: Northeast U.S.

    St. Thomas More School - Oakdale, Connecticut

    • Located on 100 wooded acres on the shore of Gardner Lake
    • Boys only; 200 students representing 6 countries; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    • Advanced Placement (AP) courses properly prepare students to take the AP exam
    • 100% matriculation of students into universities such as: Boston College, Boston University, Brown, Clark, Emory, Harvard, US Air Force Academy among others
    • ESL I and II Program:  Students placed based on incoming testing
    St. Timothy's School ::: Stevenson, Maryland ::: Northeast U.S.

    St. Timothy's School, Stevenson, Maryland (Girls Only)


    • Picture-perfect campus can be found in a lush and gentle landscape setting just 30 minutes from Baltimore and one hour from Washington D.C.
    • 135 students; 18% international; average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 5:1
    • Many Honors and AP courses available as well as an Independent Study Program and Senior Intern Project
    • St. Timothy's offers the International Baccalaureate Program
    • 100% university placement including Boston University, Carnegie Mellon University, Emory University, Savannah College of Art & Design, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia
    Stoneleigh-Burnham School ::: Greenfield, Massachusetts ::: Northeast U.S.

    Stoneleigh-Burnham School, Greenfield, Massachusetts (Girls Only)


    • Within easy driving distance of Boston, the 100-acre campus is beautifully landscaped and meticulously maintained
    • 130 students; 30% international; average class size 10 students; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • Excellent special programs in dance, theatre, writing, public speaking, visual arts and public service
    • Equestrian Program uniquely tailored for the Individual Rider featuring British Horse Society Programs
    •  Advanced Placement preparation in nine subjects
    • 99% university placement such as Bates College, College of Santa Fe, Mount Holyoke College, University of Vermont, Wesleyan College


    Stony Brook School ::: Stony Brook, New York ::: Northeast U.S.

    The Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, New York


    • Located on Long Island's north shore approximately 1 1/2 hours from Manhattan
    • 330 students; average class size 15 students; student/faculty ratio 7:1
    • Innovative International Student Partnership Program combining ESL preparation, cultural immersion and pairing with an American student partner
    • 14 AP courses and a special academic program whereby strong senior students may apply to take academic courses at the nearby State University of New York campus at Stony Brook
    • 100% university placement includes universities such as Brown, Columbia, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, among others


    Storm King School ::: Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York ::: Northeast U.S.

    The Storm King School

    • Located 1 hr from New York City on the crest of Storm King Mtn. in the small town of Cornwall-on-Hudson.
    • 140 students 80% boarding students, 50% international, average class size 12, student to faculty ratio 6:1
    • 10 Advanced Placement Courses offered
    • 100% University acceptance
    • ESL Program for Levels 1, 2 and 3
    Stuart Hall School ::: Staunton, Virginia ::: South U.S.

    Stuart Hall School, Staunton, Virginia

    • Offers rigorous academic preparation and a rich co-curricular experience
    • Programs offered in Visual Arts, Music and Theatre
    • Unique programs in Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering and Math
    • Core courses taken for honors credit offered in the honors program
    • Advanced placement and dual enrollment courses offered through Mary Baldwin College and James Madison University
    • ESL program available
    Subiaco Academy ::: Subiaco, Arkansas ::: Southeast U.S.

    Subiaco Academy, Subiaco, Arkansas (Boys Only)


    • 100-acre campus nestled in the foothills on the banks of the Arkansas River
    • 175 students; 25% international; average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 9:1
    •  Eight campus buildings include classrooms, art gallery, theatre, music and art studios, fine arts building, library, computer center, dining room, student center and dormitories with semi-private quarters
    • Honors and AP courses in 11 disciplines plus National Environment Outdoor Program
    • 97% of graduates go on to post-secondary education.  Students have recently attended Case Western Reserve University, Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Lehigh University, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin
    Thornton Academy ::: Saco, Maine ::: Northeast U.S.

    Thornton Academy, Sacco, Maine


    • Set on 80 acres in a lovely southern Maine coastal town 90 miles from Boston
    • 1200 students; average class size 15 students; student/faculty ratio 16:1
    •  Ten AP courses and 40 Honors courses; college courses available at nearby campus
    • Special academic programs include seven foreign languages, 12 music courses, 10 visual art courses and a state-of-the-art television studio which is  run by students
    • Recent graduates have attended Brandeis Univesity, Boston College, Brown University, Duke University among others
    Valley Forge Military Academy ::: Wayne, Pennsylvania ::: Northeast U.S.

    Valley Forge Military Academy, Wayne, Pennsylvania (Boys Only)


    • Located in a historic area just 15 minutes from downtown Philadelphia
    • 360 cadets; 10% international; average class size 13 students; student/faculty ratio 14:1
    • Facilities include eight playing fields, six tennis courts, riding rings and stables, six dormitories, chapel, gymnasium, auditorium, dining hall, library, student center and bookstore, sports center, swimming pool
    • Honors and AP courses in eight disciplines plus college courses for credit; special programs in fencing, karate, leadership, pilot training, horsemanship, scuba-diving
    • 98% of graduates matriculate into universities such as Boston University, Cambridge University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Wasatch Academy ::: Mt. Pleasant, Utah ::: West U.S.

    Wasatch Academy, Mt. Pleasant, Utah


    • Situated in a small city on the western slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, 1 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City and one hour from the university town of Provo
    • 150 students; average class size 10 students; student/faculty ratio 10:1; 98% of faculty and/or administrators reside on campus
    • Extra-curricular and Outdoor Education Programs take advantage of the school's spectacular location to provide students with experiences they may not otherwise have such as skiing, snowboarding, rock-climbing, fencing and horsemanship
    • Eight AP courses and five Honors subjects.  In addition, faculty have all received certification in Schools Attuned Program which is used to evaluate a student's specific areas of strength and weakness and provide individualized learning strategies and remedies
    • 98% of graduating seniors enroll in universities such as Baylor University, Carleton College, Colorado College, Lewis & Clark College, Mount Holyoke College, New York University
    Washington Academy ::: East Machias, Maine ::: Northeast U.S.

    Washington Academy, East Machias, Maine


    •  The Academy sits on a beautiful hilltop within two miles of the Atlantic Ocean
    •  440 students; 20% international; average class size 12 students; student/faculty ratio 13:1
    • Safe, rural campus enhances a nurturing learning environment
    • Nine AP courses and a College Aspirations Program that permits juniors/seniors to take two college courses for academic credit at nearby University of Maine
    • 90% of students continue to universities such as Boston College, Bowdoin College, Middlebury College, University of Maine, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    West Nottingham Academy ::: Colera, Maryland ::: Northeast U.S.

    West Nottingham Academy

    • Oldest Boarding School in the United States
    • 130 students; co-educational, grades 9-12, 40% international
    • Average class size 13 students, Student/Faculty Ratio 7:1
    • Figure Skating (The Skater Support Program)
    • ESL offered 
    West Sound Academy ::: Poulsbo, Washington ::: West U.S.

    West Sound Academy

    • West Sound Academy is an independent college preparatory school offering the International Baccalaurate (IB) Diploma Programme in the junior and senior years.
    • Located on 20 wooded acres overlooking Liberty Bay and views of Olympic Mountain.
    • Over 90 students, 22% international representing 9 countries
    • Average class size is 11 students; student/faculty ratio is 7:1


    White Mountain School ::: Bethlehem, New Hampshire ::: Northeast U.S.

    White Mountain School, Bethlehem, New Hampshire


    • White Mountain School enjoys a picturesque setting surrounded by New Hampshire's magnificent White Mountains
    • 125 students; average class size 9 students; student/faculty ratio 9:1
    •  White Mountain School has achieved national recognition for its Global Sustainability Projects and commitment to environmental education
    • Special, innovative programs include Outdoor Learning Expeditions, Field Studies and community service projects
    • 99% of graduates attend prestigious universities such as Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire, among others
    Winchendon School ::: Winchendon, Massachusetts ::: Northeast U.S.

    Winchendon School, Winchendon, Massachusetts


    • Located about 1 1/2 hours from Boston, the rolling hills of Winchendon's 238-acre campus includes an 18 hole golf course
    • 245 students; 50% international; average class size 6 students; student/faculty ratio 6:1
    • Comprehensive ESL Program; extensive new facilities support a multitude of sports and extracurricular activities
    •  AP courses in biology, calculus and mathematics
    • 99% university placements to institutions such as Bentley College, Hamilton College, Northeastern University, Rhode Island School of Design, Syracuse University
    Woodstock Academy ::: Woodstock, Connecticut ::: Northeast U.S.

    Woodstock Academy

    • Woodstock Academy is about opportunity as well as high academic and social expectations for each individual student.
    • 1,100 students in grades 9-12, 5% international students
    • Average class size 18 students, Student/Faculty ratio 13:1
    • Comprehensive advanced placement courses offered
    • Extensive music, visual and performing arts programs offered