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March 21, 2016

Albright College Starts ESL Program

International Student Education Services is pleased to announce that its longstanding University Program partner, Albright College, will offer a two tiered ESL program beginning in fall 2016.  The Albright English Language Program (AELP) is a conditional admission program while an ACCESS program will offer full admission to students with higher English proficiency who continue to require some English language support to ensure their success.

International students meeting the Albright College academic criteria for admission, but who do not have the requisite English proficiency, will receive a conditional offer and be placed in the AELP.  Each AELP course lasts one semester with small, classes covering three levels of academic English.  Conceivably, some students will require more than one semester of AELP.  Participants will benefit from individualized teaching by experienced instructors with advanced degrees in TESOL or a related field. Regular testing will determine when the student is prepared to advance to the next level or ready for the full academic program.  Students applying for this program through ISES will be required to take the ISES Objective English Language test; the TOEFL or IELTS is not required. Students who test below the equivalent of an iBT 40 will not be granted conditional admission status.

Alternatively, the Albright College ACCESS Program will offer full admission to the undergraduate program for students scoring 68 � 80 on the iBT or 6.0 on the IELTS.  ACCESS program students will be fully integrated into the traditional academic curriculum while benefiting from focused ESL tutoring, study groups and advising.  ACCESS Program students can anticipate completing their undergraduate program within four years.

Admission Guidelines for the two programs are as follows:

For AELP: GPA of 2.0; equivalent on the ISES OEAT of 40 iBT

For ACCESS:  GPA of 2.0; iBT 68 � 78

Costs for the two programs are as follows:

AELP:  $10,844 TRB per semester

ACCESS:  $46,670 TRB (estimated)


Founded in 1856 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Albright College enjoys a long tradition of academic excellence.  Albright prepares international students to enter a constantly evolving work environment by encouraging students to study multiple disciplines while providing valuable experiences inside and outside the classroom, a dedicated teaching faculty, a multicultural environment and outstanding campus facilities.  Albright College is routinely classified as one of the top colleges in the northeast by Princeton Review; one of the top 25 colleges for the arts (Newsweek) and one of the top 50 in the USA for economic value (The Economist).  Current enrollment at Albright College is 1,745 undergraduates with 3% international students. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your INTO/ISES Regional Manager or for more information.

21 March 2016