High Schools are the ideal route for younger international students to prepare for admission into a top American university.  Students will sharpen language, writing and critical thinking skills and are guaranteed to fulfill all university entrance requirements.


ISES' participating universities are fully accredited and have been selected for their excellent academics, broad range of programs and supportive environments.  All have outstanding faculties that are known for their accessibility and willingness to provide international students with any extra help they may need to be successful.  None of these universities employ Post-Graduate Teaching Assistants.

Requirements for Direct Admission


Many international students begin their preparatory school or university careers in an ESL program. Even one semester of ESL can increase confidence and provide essential skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for success in a demanding academic environment.

In addition to the universities listed below, ISES partners with three well-known and highly-regarded English language schools in major metropolitan areas:

  • English Language Centers (ELC), Boston and Los Angeles
  • Rennert International, Miami and New York City
  • Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute (WESLI), Madison, Wisconsin

All ISES Preparatory School Partners offer ESL Programs.

Types of ESL Programs
ESL Program Entry Requirements


ISES partner universities are the ideal environment for international and ESL Transition postgraduate students. Rather than being an anonymous presence among the masses, known only by your student number, you will be part of a small, select group with special privileges and immediate...more

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Why Choose ISES?

ISES, International Student Education Services Inc., specializes in placing international students from around the world in American universities and preparatory schools. We take pride in providing highly personal attention to every international student placement. During the past 12 years we have assisted thousands of students from more than 30 countries finding the education that best suits their needs and circumstances.

You can be confident that ISES will support you with personal service throughout your education in the United States.